#CalligramMondays weekly Calligraphy challenge

By milen1st   Mon, 10/07/2019 - 10:34
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Calligraphy Calligrams!

Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don't and here it is how it's described in the dictionary: "a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters create a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves." 

I knew this for a long time, but seems like always ignored the part that says "related to the meaning of the words themselves" - for example when I do a circle Calligrams I simply fill them up with words or sentences of my choice and wouldn't have noticed this minor difference if it wasn't for Paul Antonio to point it out on Facebook when I shared the video that I made for #CalligramMondays:

Paul Antonio Attong You do know technically this is not a calligram. The term calligram is used to describe calligraphy forming a complex shape. The text itself usually has a connection to the shape.

But this also made me think... Yeah, it's not really Calligram, but at the same time, this was what Calligrams was, long time ago when the term was created. Calligraphy wasn't also what it is now, everything evolves right? My point is, is it Calligram still or we should think of a new term for it? 

As I mentioned in the video Calligrams (or whatever we need to call those) are my favourite part of Calligraphy and are what I'm most passioned about as well as the thing that I've been mostly doing since I started Calligraphy. 

With that said it would make more sense why I started #CalligramMondays on Instagram. What Calligram Mondays is, is a new segment on Calligraphy Masters that will help make Calligrams more popular to the public, to the artists and hopefully make more people involved with them.

Today is the second Monday since I started #CalligramMondays on Instagram and I was supposed to feature today the heart Calligrams, but since it took me some time to make the video and write this post, I've decided to post 10 Calligrams today and then from next Monday which is 14.10.2019 will be featuring Calligrams that are part of the challenge. So if you are up for it be ready with your heart Calligram before the 14th of October. 

I already explained in the video how to enter and it's written in the description as well, but just to be sure:

HOW TO ENTER #CalligramMondays

-Simply upload a picture of your Calligram on Instagram or Facebook.

-Add #CalligramMondays & #CalligraphyMasters

-Add @calligraphymasters

If are supporting this idea, please share this post with more people and like the video if you haven't already! I hate to ask for such things, but since people tend to forget and believe their actions doesn't make much difference I keep spamming, because each one of you is super important and each share, like or comment MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! 

And before I close this article here some inspiration for those of you who are not yet sure if Calligrams are their thing:



I can never take my eyes off Marilyn whenever she's on screen. I just think she is so gorgeous! 💕 #marilynmonroe #moviestar #calligraphy

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