Calligraphy Masters is back!!

By milen1st   Wed, 06/12/2019 - 01:23

Yeah I know.. it's been like what?! More than 2 years without a web site?!

This year Calligraphy Masters turned 5 years and so much stuff has happened, so much has changed since there was a web site of Calligraphy Masters. The Calligraphy world it self has changed and evolved so much! And I'm more than happy to bring back the web site! 

Been a huge struggle to bring it, but here it is in it's most basic form! There is a lot to be changed, added and improved, but this will happen over the next few months! Right now I really needed to launch the web site so there is a blog it and a place where everything is at one place. All questions that are being asked over and over again. A place that shows the team, what Calligraphy Masters is and it will become. 

5 years seem like so much, but at the same time it's not much at all. I can't even imagine how crazy it would be when it turns 10 or 20-30 years?! But anyways, let's talk about now! Cause this is always the most exciting time! There is so much that will happen on this place called Calligraphy Masters.

I'm willing to turn it into the place that will help beginners to learn what they need to go on their journey in Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting. Where clients will find the best artists for their jobs needed. Place that will help you learn new and interesting things about Calligraphy. A lot of products reviews, weekly inspiring letters from around the world and weekly challenges.

Right now only I can add new articles on the web site, but if you have any interesting content like a tutorial about Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting, tips and tricks or anything that you believe can be interesting and useful to other people as well, feel free to send to me at the e-mail. (and when the site starts growing and coming into what it's born to be you will be able to that your self.

I want it to be a platform that will make it easy for the artists to grow, work, show and sale their products and services. I have many ideas what I want to make (the plan is huge) but if you have any cool ideas or things that you believe are not available on any platform but still needed feel free to share it with me, here in the comments or at the e-mail.

I, I..I... lot's of I, but it's all because of you and it will never be possible without you guys! You the people who love letters in any of their forms, you who believe in Calligraphy Masters and support it are the most important part of all that! 

The tools/menus that are being under work right now, but still missing here are: Calligraphy Masters podcast, workshops/events and a tool that will help you build your guidelines quick and easy.

I guess that's pretty much about the first article on our brand new web site! I'm really happy it's finally back, hope you are happy as well! If you have any ideas, critiques, suggestions, want to helps in some way or anything else, feel free to contact me!

P.S: I will try to bring back some of the articles that were on CM web site back in the time and they were interesting and helpful to people, you can check them in the blog menu button above.