Calligraphy Masters Podcast Episode 16 Letters in Design Conference

By milen1st   Sun, 10/27/2019 - 10:08
letters in design conference

Calligraphy Masters Podcast:

Calligraphy Masters Show aka Calligraphy Masters Podcast is finally back with a brand new episode! I talked with Mark about his journey in Calligraphy and about the conference Letters in Design that he created by himself only. 

This was the first time I ever talked with him (other than writing e-mails or DMs on Instagram) and It was cool as always to hear the story of the person on the other side. I loved also how he came prepared and was showing different posters and books! 

About this episode:

Last year Mark contacted me via e-mail to invite me at Letters in Design and I was supposed to be there and speak as well, but than happened this and I never answered to the last e-mail of Mark. 

I couldn't make it, but 4 of my team mates (Theosone, Mr.Kams, Fralligraphy & Nicolo Visioli) made it there and had 2 amazing days in Dublin. I couldn't make it there and didn't have time to promote the event, so decided it to invite Mark to the podcast and speak about his journey and about the event, ENJOY:



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