How to get featured on Calligraphy Masters??

By milen1st   Thu, 10/17/2019 - 05:32
how to get featured on calligraphy masters

How to get featured on Calligraphy Masters?? 

How can I get featured on Calligraphy Masters?? Can you share my posts?? Do you accept submissions?? And some more similar questions are being asked pretty much all the time!

For people who are following Calligraphy Masters for some time and are paying attention to the captions on the posts and following on the stories would know that they have to use #CalligraphyMasters & #KeepWriting in their posts in order to get chance of being featured on Calligraphy Masters. However, this is not really working anymore because there are changes being done, so if you are one of those people who are wondering how to get featured on Calligraphy Masters Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or the site, keep reading!

What's not gonna help you get featured.

Before I explain the steps you can take to get featured, let me give some tips on what's not gonna help you and what can get you closer to being featured:

  • If you are new have a new account, you are a beginner, ignoring a lot of important steps and information and you are looking for a way to get "quick fame" and gain lots of followers, you are already making mistake! (I say this because had to face it so, so, so many times!) 
  • You start having some good skills, but not giving time and attention to the way you take your pictures (angles and colors) or videos. 
  • You're doing some kind of letters based thing but it's not Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting. 
  • You're totally copying someone else style (being inspired is different from copying everything from the way of writing, colors, etc..)
  • Tagging tons of pages and artists on your picture of video.
  • You never interacted with Calligraphy Masters posts, stories, videos by sharing, commenting, liking and sharing.
  • You are asking me in comments or DM to get featured.

All those mention above will help you NOT get featured on Calligraphy Masters! Those might look weird, making no sense or something else, but my experience led me to be this way. Keep in mind that the main idea of Calligraphy Masters is to inspire or help (teach people).

With that said let me tell you the things you can do to help get closer and closer to being featured:

  • You are dedicated to improving your Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting.
  • Your account might not have a big following but your posts are constant.
  • You give attention to the way you take the picture or video, the quality and colors before uploading.
  • You are not afraid to experiment and putting your unique touch.
  • When you are doing something inspired by someone else to give credit to the person and do it in your own way.
  • You interact with the community by liking our posts, commenting, sharing and coming up with suggestions or critiques about different things.
  • Once you upload a post on your feed, share it in your story and tag @calligraphymasters
  • You are doing it because you love it and not because you are willing to be famous. (if you do it because you love it, the fame will come after you)
  • Get involved in challenges and giveaways
  • If you are asking me to get featured do it via e-mail, be respectful and come with a well-explained project, tools, and quality of letters and pictures or videos.

If you have any suggestions for things that will not help or things that will help people get featured, feel free to send me a DM and I will add them to the list above. And remember those are things that will help or help you not get closer to being featured. They don't guarantee 100% that if you following them will get featured because there is one key factor and it is to have patience. There have been many times that I followed people for many months because I saw potential, just watching what and how they do, without giving them any sign of that and in a moment I see what I was expecting and they start getting featured constantly. 

Remember that Calligraphy Masters is the biggest community about Calligraphy, Lettering and Sign Painting and many pages and similar communities are copying from us, that means that once you get featured on Calligraphy Masters, the chance to start get featured on more communities is pretty big. So if you help Calligraphy Masters grow by liking, commenting and sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, The Podcast and the web site and do what you love, Calligraphy Masters will help you grow too.

Is that all??

Well, since I'm back and being active I started some new things that will help people get featured, but still very few take advantage of it. I know Instagram organic reach is almost dead and this is also a key factor for all information and post to not reach our audience, but those for you who have turned all notifications on posts and stories most probably have noticed that every day of the week is now with a certain theme.

How can that help you get featured? Well some of the days are just themed and you simply have to use the hashtag of that day (hashtags could be found below) and #CalligraphyMasters

What's different every day?

Monday: #CalligramMondays is a challenge-based hashtag which is explained in Calligram Monday's weekly Calligraphy challenge.

heart calligraphy calligram by omel

Tuesday: #CMQuoteTuesdays is the hashtag you can use in your posts that contain picture or videos of any kind of Quotes.

motivational quote by john stevens

Wednesday: WorldCalligraphyWednesdays is for any Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting that is written in any alphabet form different from Latin/English 

tibetan calligraphy

Thursday: #LetteringThursdays is for hand lettering only! I know many people call some style of Calligraphy, but not me. With hand-lettering I mean only works that are created by drawing letters with a pencil!

hand lettering

Friday: #CalligraphyMastersFriday is a challenge-based and inspired by #GoodTypeThursdays where every week or two is given a theme, based on which you to create Calligraphy, Lettering or Sign Painting.

calligraphy masters hand lettering logo

Saturday: #SignPaintingSatursdays is the hashtag that will give attention to the people who do sign painting (pretty simple)

modern sign painting

Sunday: #WeeklyTop10Sundays is showing the best content created during the week, that is not fitting into any of the other day's themes, but is good enough and deserves some more attention. 


Use the hashtag of the day with the theme of it & #CalligraphyMasters and you are one step closer to being featured! 

Another way of being featured is to participate in Callivember Challenge 2019

I think that explains pretty much all steps that will help you reach your goal of being featured on Calligraphy Masters! Now you can take the first step and share this post on your favorite platform/platforms!

Thank you for believing in the idea of Calligraphy Masters, thank you for helping it spread and grow and thank you for reading this.


calligraphy masters keep writing hand lettering