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A bunch of Calligraphy lovers from around the world with a goal to spread Calligraphy and #KeepWriting

Calligraphy, Lettering and Sign Painting since 2014

What is Calligraphy Masters?

Calligraphy Masters is a platform built for showcasing inspirational Calligraphy and Hand Lettering from around the world.

It introduces artists, their stories and collaborations to the wider community and allows for artist to client introductions. By doing this, we allow artist to grow, helping them to hone their skill, experiment and build their audience.

We also assist in promoting workshops, for all levels, and various types of events around the world. Our aim is to keep Calligraphy, Hand Lettering and Sign Writing alive in this age of technology.

Our Story

In 2013 Milen Balbuzanov found a review by Theosone demonstration Calligraphy using the Pilot Parallel Pens, and that was it. He fell in love.

Early 2014, he decided to pull together information on Calligraphy – inspirational images, videos, and most importantly other calligraphy and hand lettering artists. This was easier said than done as much of the information was either outdated or links terminated with little result. Frustrated, but inspired by the little he found, he decided to contact those who’s links inspired him to become part of a community idea he named ‘Calligraphy Masters’.

From this, he started promoting Calligraphy Masters on Facebook and Instagram, showing content of works he found inspiring. He started with six other artists, today the Calligraphy Masters Team numbers 36.

Our Mission

From its inception to now, Calligraphy Masters has grown and evolved. We shared so much, with so many people, forged ideas and crossed paths with other cultures, languages and writing systems. We made some wonderful friends with brilliant minds and talented hands We became well respected and trusted name. A place where people can find inspiration and be introduced to new and upcoming talent. With all this experience behind us, it is clear our mission would be to continue inspiring, guiding, helping, but, now to play a bigger role in assisting with teaching. 

Our goal is to have one place, where can share what they create. Where they can learn, find help and constructive criticism to help them grow. To help them turn their passion into a profession by providing targeted information.

We are here to keep enriching Calligraphy, Hand Lettering and Sign Writing. To foster growth in these wonderful fields by supporting local workshops and international events. The links we have developed over the intervening years, have helped us to connect clients with artists and provide new and innovative tools and materials. We endeavour to help beginners grow, afford masters a great reach and teach many more in keeping all the lettering arts alive.

Our Name

The name ‘Calligraphy Masters’ was chosen to encourage aspiring artists to believe that anyone can become a master in their craft. It was chosen to inspire and excite people to want to grow, to get better, to be the best they could be.

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