CMC Alphabet Letter-pressed

CMC Alphabet Letter-pressed


Calligraphy Masters Crew Alphabet – Letterpressed by NoKiss Print Berlin.

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Calligraphy Masters Crew Alphabet collaboration which was released in 2018 comes with a new version of the print thanks to @nokiss.print

Each letter is written by different members of CM Crew in a script of their own choice.

A by @tncaligrafia
B by @sachinspiration
C by @suzcunningham
D by @slo.leecalli
E by @theosone
F by @fralligraphy
G by @wlk_calli
H by @lettrbettr
I by @erick_delarosa
J by @copenhagensigns
K by @misterkams
L by @tolgagirgin99
M by @mikepeers
N by @igorsturion
O by @claudiogil_lagrafia
P by @_daniele_tozzi_
Q by Julian Waters
R by @nickvisioli
S by @oliveleafcalli
T by @paindesignart
U by @lalit.mourya207
V by @kikovalente
W by @frak_one
X by @milen1st
Y by @saidokins
& by @letterjack
Z by @pascribe

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Dimensions 30 × 40 cm

Black & Red


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