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Welcome to Calligraphy Masters Podcast – The place where we’ll be talking about the journey of Calligraphers, Hand Lettering artists, and Sign Painters from all around the world. Learn more about the people behind the pens and start writing until you reach your goals! 16 episodes were released followed by 2 years of silence (there are few more unedited and unreleased episodes from this season)

Nibs Podcast

Paul Antonio is one of the very first member of Calligraphy Masters and one of the closest to Milen Balbuzanov. They often talk on Facetime about their lifes and dicuss various topics of the Calligraphy world. One day in such a video call Milen suggested to Paul to make those talks as a podcast, because every time Paul was sharing precious knowledge which Milen thought will be good to be shared with the audience of Calligraphy Masters and the people love Calligraphy and want to advance on their journey.

Most of the episodes will be with Milen and Paul only, but from time to time there will be guests (mainly members of the team, but in some exceptionla cases people outside it as well.

Milen Balbuzanov

Milen Balbuzanov


Paul Antonio

Paul Antonio


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Recent Episodes

The Story of Calligraphy Masters and Milen1st, Tools and Materials

After a break of a few months, we are back with the podcast. This episode continues the story of CM, Milen1st tells his personal story as well in order to understand the story of CM. Continue talking about tools and materials and more.

Season 1, Episode 5 & 6    |   86min

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