Keep Writing Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Keep Writing Calligraphy Masters Challenges

The Recent Challenge – an Alphabet

Our most recent Calligraphy Masters Challenge was to write an alphabet out, A – Z plus the numbers 0 to 9. The idea behind this was to then choose a set of letters from what you all did so we could collate and make a print like the Calligraphy Masters Crew Alphabet Print. This recent challenge ended at the end of October. Unfortunately, there were not as many entries as I had hoped, and personally, I felt there was a distinct lack of dedication especially as it was a straightforward challenge and the rewards were pretty cool, in my opinion.

As there weren’t that many entries, it meant we fell short of the required number of submissions to choose letters from in order to make the print. Congratulations to the 3 people who completed the challenge. As there weren’t enough participants, collating an alphabet is now not possible but I have decided to release individual prints of the alphabets which were completed. As an extra reward, one of these entrants was invited to join the Calligraphy Masters Crew.

Calligraphy Masters Challenges Alphabet Challenge

Calligraphy Masters Challenges Alphabet Challenge by CRETALYST

Recent Posts and the Volunteers

You might have probably realized differences and variations in the approach of the posts for the Calligraphy Masters Challenges. Please note, the Challenges page is run, for the most part by volunteers, allowing me a little more freedom to complete things like the Calligraphy Masters content for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook as well as working on the NibsThePodcast recordings. Some of you have messaged me to complain that you feel the quality is too variable. Remember the CMChallenge is run by VOLUNTEERS, so before you complain, be grateful the volunteers are helping you to continue to enjoy your craft. If you really have a problem with the look, feel and sense of the posts, then why not do something about it and join the volunteering team so you can have an active hand in how to make the post more enjoyable for you. Equally, in order to make the posts exciting, we need more entries as they comprise much of the content. So if you can’t find the time to volunteer, then contribute by making more entries.

Upcoming Challenge

Due to the shortage of entries in the recent CMChallenge for the Alphabet, I had to rethink the direction and duration of the future challenges. My initial plans were more long-term but after the lack of entries, I feel doing them on a 2week challenge might be a better idea.

November Challenge

Keep Writing #KeepWriting

Keep Writing by FRAKONE

The prompt for these 2 weeks is ‘Keep Writing’.

You need to write ‘Keep Writing’ in as many styles. Go totally crazy about it! It could be a simple, clean ‘Keep Writing’, or it could be also super arty funky patterned or an abstract ‘Keep Writing’.

To enter the challenge:

  • Write the prompt ‘Keep Writing’ I recommended writing in black only
  • Upload with the hashtags #CMCKWC and #keepwriting
  • Tag @calligraphymasterschallenges & @calligraphymasters
  • You can upload up to 14 entries in those 2 weeks (1 per day)
  • If you upload more than 1 entry for the 2 weeks, make sure it’s totally different from your previous entry.
  • Give your best! Don’t enter just for the sake of taking part in the challenge (practice, prepare, experiment, and then upload entries)
  • There will be 10 winners only!
  • First place will receive money 100 euro
  • The top 10 entries will receive Keep Writing Mask
  • The top 10 entries will be used for prints and merch
  • Upload your entries from 09.11.21 until 23.11.21

Depending on the number of entries, I will take 1 to 3 days to decide on the winners. All-Winners will be announced on 27.11.21 in a @calligraphymasterschallenges Story.

What is different

Many of you have taken part in putting pen to paper for ‘Keep Writing’ as part of the Callivember Challenges, this time it is different and is definitely going to be much more special, so you need to help me make it so much more than how we approached this before. Once you produce the artwork, please save it and keep it safe. In the event you win, you will need to vectorize or at the very least scan the original artwork to send to me, this is part of why this is different and special. Please do not upload old entries.

Why we do the Challenges

We set the challenges up for fun, to help to write more, and to encourage those of you who need a little nudge to make a post. All of this really has one aim, and that is to help you to improve. Improving via the challenge is all about self-critique. The challenges are not there for us to give you feedback on what you post. This is not that type of challenge. PAScribe has a challenge like where people get detailed feedback, and it is brutally honest but requires you to post a long block of text and talk about it yourself outlining the issues you thought you faced. Here you are only posting an image. Do not equate what others do to what this is. Feedback is not something we offer on our challenges, so please stop asking for this and then sending angry messages when you do not get the feedback you are demanding. THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF CHALLENGE! If you persist in your aggression, CM will have to block your account. If in doubt, go back and reread the basic rules which can be found here



The final decisions

Calligraphy Masters is my baby, as it is the Calligraphy Masters Challenges. That means I have to do the work to come up with the ideas, then once they are up, I have to look at all the entries and make decisions on who the winners are. Consequently, my decision is mine and it is usually based on my personal choices. If you do not agree with my decision, then I would suggest you do not take part in the challenges.

PAScribe Rhodia Pad GIVEAWAY

Calligraphy Masters is running a giveaway. PAScribe asked Rhodia to give us 15 pairs of his Black Pad and his Grey Pad as a set for the giveaway. This means more people have a higher chance of winning a pair of these excellent pads. The Giveaway can be found at …… and finishes on 14.11.2021 Winners will be announced via an IG Story @calligraphymasters and have 48hrs to claim their prize. Good luck!


Thank You

I hope this clears up any confusion in going forward on the challenges. With that said I hope you are ready to blow my mind and make some amazing entries to shock and inspire the world! #KeepWriting







Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Calligraphy Masters Challenges 

For the last few years, we’ve been running Callivember (which was inspired by Inktober and adapted for Calligraphy and Lettering lovers), but since many people copied the concept and there became 1 million challenges similar to those, we decided to change the name and the concept of it. There is no more Callivember (30 days challenge in November) from now on there are Calligraphy Masters Challenges that will be ongoing during the whole year having a weekly prompt or topic on which every Calligraphy, Lettering, or Sign Painting artists can attend.



When does it start?

Calligraphy Masters Challenges starts officially on the 10th of June 2021 and you will have a week between each new challenge. However, for the first one, you have only 2 days (counting from today) and on the 10th you have to submit your first entry, 2nd on 17th, 3rd on 24th, etc.

How can you enter the challenge?

Follow the prompt list posted on Calligraphy Masters Challenges and create a piece in Calligraphy, Lettering, or Sign Painting according to the topic for the specific week. Take a picture or record a video of it and upload it on your personal or artist’s Instagram profile (has to be public, private accounts can’t enter) tag @calligraphymasterschallenges and use #calligraphymasterschallenges21 + the specific hashtag for the week – example for the 1st week: #cmcrespecttheartists. We prefer handwritten and hand-drawn pieces, but from now on digital work is also allowed. However it digital work will be reviewed and presented in its own category with other digital works. By digital work, we mean Calligraphy, Lettering, and Sign Painting is done on Procreate or similar apps and still, no Graffiti and Typography are allowed.

Why do you have to take part in the challenge?

There is no reason for you to take part in the challenge other than to have fun, practice, experiment, and in the best case learn and grow your skills. Challenges in the past have revealed amazing artists and some of them end up in the Calligraphy Masters Crew. The challenges are a great way for you to push yourself and your skills, find other points of view and ideas for your Calligraphy and Lettering.

It’s a great way to connect with other people in the community and to have fun together. By attending constantly to the challenge you can gain exposure, new friends, and new audiences.

The best entries as always will be featured on Calligraphy Masters Challenges, Calligraphy Masters and reviewed on the Youtube channel as well.

Benefits and rewards for taking part?

As already mentioned the goal of the challenge is not to win something, but for you to have fun and grow as an artist. However, those of you who are most consistent, daring, and growing naturally will gain benefits like being featured on the main profiles of Calligraphy Masters, attend podcast episodes, react to challenge entries, and win different supplies and rewards for taking part or even being offered to join Calligraphy Masters Crew.

By taking part in Calligraphy Masters Challenges you will gain NIBS (points) and the more NIBS you gain the bigger your chance is to get a reward.

For each picture you upload on a topic you gain 3 NIBS (this doesn’t mean 10 pictures on 1 topic will bring you 30 NIBS) For each video you upload as entry, you will gain 6 NIBS. For each comment on CM Challenges, you will gain 1 NIB, for each share in a story and tagging CM Challenges you will gain 2 NIBS.

You will be allowed to have 2 entries per topic (different styles or ideas). Each time you are featured on CM Challenges you will gain 5 NIBS, each time you are featured on CM you will gain 9 NIBS and each time you reach a video on CM Youtube Channel you will gain 14 NIBS.

It’s good for you to keep your own track of your NIBS because it will take some time before a system is made for properly keeping track of the NIBS of each person participating in the challenges. Every month or two the people with the most NIBS will get special rewards. (not gonna reveal anything, because those are just bonuses and the main purpose of the challenges is FUN and GROWTH of your skills!)

Prompt list and topics:

Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Calligraphy Masters Challenges

10.06.21 RESPECT THE ARTISTS – Write “Respect the artists” in a script or style of your choice or make an artwork that expresses the idea. This challenge is inspired by James Lewis’s “#OURTIMEHASVALUE” but it’s taken a bit further.

With your entry, you need to express how important is for non-artists and for other artists to respect others’ art. ( We don’t work for free, We don’t beg other artists for likes, follows, or to check our work, We don’t copy and steal other ideas)

17.06.21 NIBS THE PODCAST * – Simply write NIBS, NIBS PODCAST or NIBS THE PODCAST. The best one will become the logo of our latest PODCAST – NIBS THE PODCAST (with hosts Milen1st and Paul Antonio). You can create a logotype, icon, or a mix of both. *THIS CHALLENGE BRINGS YOU 3 EXTRA NIBS on top of all other mentioned. AND 36NIBS FOR THE TOP 3 ENTRIES.

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 10.06.21 to 23:59 on 17.06.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CMCNIBSPODCST

24.06.21 CALLIGRAPHY IS NOT LETTERING – Write it or express it the way you see and understand it.

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 18.06.21 to 23:59 on 24.06.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CALLIISNOTLETTI

01.07.21 ALPHABET A-Z – Write a whole alphabet starting from A to Z with a script of your choice. Since you are allowed to have 2 entries per topic, you can make 1 alphabet with Capitals and 1 with lowercases, you can do 2 alphabets in differents scripts or you can make each letter in different scripts. It’s up to you! It’s important to be beautiful and creative.

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 25.06.21 to 23:59 on 01.07.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CMCALPHA

08.07.21 REMAKE YOUR OLDEST – Find the oldest picture or video of your Calligraphy, Lettering, or Sign Painting piece and remake it with the skills you have today. ( for the post on this topic you have to upload both the old work and the remake as 1 post)

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 02.07.21 to 23:59 on 08.07.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CMCOLDVSNEW

15.07.21 HUSTLE, HUMBLE & HAPPY – You can write 1 of the words, you can write 2 or them all. You can express the words with a sentence or a quote.

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 09.07.21 to 23:59 on 15.07.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CMCHHH

22.07.21 FACE CALIGRAM* – Create a FACE Calligram of yourself, a friend, loved one, or any other person in the world. You can find a video below with the basics of how to create a Calligram as well as some examples of face calligrams. 1 or 2 two weeks before the challenge there will be a dedicated tutorial for it and add in this article. *THIS CHALLENGE BRINGS YOU 3 EXTRA NIBS on top of all other mentioned. AND 18NIBS FOR THE TOP 3 ENTRIES.

Submit your entries From 00:00 on 16.07.21 to 23:59 on 22.07.21* TOPIC HASHTAG: #CMCCALLIFACE

Here are two videos to help you learn the basics of Calligrams in some shapes, soon a specific video will be made and added to this article about how to make Face Calligram.*


Things to keep in mind

Please do not DM Calligraphy Masters Challenges with questions or request to share or feature your work. It is up to our team what we like and share, we don’t have to share any of the works! We share what we like and what we believe is worth sharing. Your focus as always should be on your own work, improving it, and having FUN with the challenges.


From now if people use the challenges hashtags, tag, or mention CMChallenges profile in work that’s not related to the challenges, the person will be kindly warned 1 time (if following us) and by doing so a second time his or her profile will be blocked. If the person doesn’t even follow CM Challenges and just tags, mentions, or uses any of the challenges hashtags he or she is gonna be directly blocked without a warning. ( a lot of people abuse this way and more than 100 are blocked just in 2 days)

This comes because if the rules as explained above and in the RULES Highlight are not followed or abused, it becomes very hard for the team of volunteers running the account to find all entries, organize, like, comment, save and share becomes a very hard task. No one is being paid for doing all this work, that believe me is a lot, and they don’t deserve to be disrespected by people hungry for fame and attention.

From now on entries for certain topics are receiving NIBS (points) only if they are submitted in the required period. You can submit earlier or later, and sometimes you still might end up featured, but without gaining NIBS.

This is still a new format of a challenge for us all, so there are rules that might be changed/deleted, or added on the go. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how the challenge, the process, and the rules could be changed to benefit everyone and make it an even more exciting and cool challenge, feel free to DM us at Calligraphy Masters Challenges.

Please Keep a track of your own NIBS and how much they are, once the current topics are over we’ll take a break of 1 or 2 weeks to count all people’s NIBS and if we make a mistake you will be able to correct us.


Keep Writing #KeepWriting

Keep Writing #KeepWriting


#SpeedballTextBookChallenge winners and Best entries.

#SpeedballTextBookChallenge winners and Best entries.

  • What is #SpeedballTextBookChallenge?
  • What are the criteria which the winners are chosen?
  • What are the rewards?
  • Best entries in the challenge.
  • The Winners.

Whats the #SpeedballTextBookChallenge?

At the end of last year, my friend Max Juric from Lettering Daily contacted me to see if I was interested in a collaboration with him and Speedball for the launch of the 25th Edition of the Speedball Text Book. The aim was to create a challenge and giveaway with 3 rewards to the best entries. It was a no-brainer I immediately agreed. First, because I enjoy developing collaborations in our communities and second, I like to  take every opportunity to giveaway some products to our audience.

On the 14th of February 2021, we launched the giveaway participants had to “Create original artwork for the prompt “The Art of Letters” and share it on social media.  The aim was to have anyone, at any skill level use any kind of lettering technique or style be it calligraphy, lettering, sign painting, etc. – we hoped for as wide a range a range of submissions and as diverse as the instruction found in The Textbook!”. We opted to target it as an upload on Instagram and using  #speedballtextbookchallenge.

Then something crazy happened! I have a challenge account – “Callivember” and I’ve done other collab challenges with Lettering Daily before, usually there are always some artists that stand out and make cool entries, the rest is mostly amateur work. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about that! In fact, I encourage as many beginners as possible, not to be afraid to enter these challenges nor to be stressed about their skill level. There are normally so many entries for the challenges but choosing winners tends to be easy as there are always those who really pour their energy into creating the pieces they post. This time, however, it seemed like everyone chose to buckle down and plan their pieces and not just post the first thing they did. You can see the amount of time and planning which went into each piece.

Max and I sat down to look through all the submissions and were stunned at the depth, variety, and sheer beauty of the pieces, this has made choosing the winners extremely difficult, by hugely enjoyably on our part.

What are the criteria on which the winners were chosen?

In every challenge, the criteria for choosing winners should be the best and most skilled entries are awarded the prizes, but since there were a lot of skilled and popular artists who entered as well, Max suggested picking the winners based on the effort they put in because as there are lots of not so highly skilled artist. We opted to look at effort, considering not only what was presented to us but, also, by the amount of accessible tools that entrant might have access to, this being considerably less than what more established artists would have.

It is a bit complicated to explain exactly how the decision-making process worked based on participant effort, but hopefully, when you see the entries we picked as the winners, you will understand.

What are the rewards?

  • 25th Edition of The Speedball Textbook, signed by each of the three co-editors
  • Speedball Calligraphy Collector’s Set
  • Arnhem Paper Pad (8.5”x11”)
  • $110 Value
  • 25th Edition of The Speedball Textbook
  • Speedball Calligraphy Storage Set”
  • Arnhem Paper Pad (8.5”x11”)
  • $75 Value
  • 25th Edition of The Speedball Textbook
  • Arnhem Paper Pad (8.5”x11”)
  • $50 Value

Best entries in the challenge.

Here are my top 50 favourite entries.

I’ve arranged the entries in descending order, you will find my favorite at the bottom of the page. If your entry is amongst the first few rows, please don’t feel disappointed, this is still in the top 50 submissions out of more than 500 entries over, only, five days. Also, please remember, the choices are based on my personal preferences and what resonated with me.

You’ve all done a great job!

The Winners:

The challenge is now over, rewards are being sent to their new owners!

However, if you want to continue trying you hand at the challenge, we would be more than happy for you to do so.

There is a MASSIVE BONUS for you doing this!

If this post reaches 500 shares, Max and I will make a video to review of all the entries, both from the 5 day challenge and the subsequent entries. This video will give you a more in-depth insight in the our decision-making process and why we chose the entries we settled on.

If, however, this post gets 1000 shares we will make a new challenge with even more prizes and bigger rewards!


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