How To Get Featured On Calligraphy Masters??

How To Get Featured On Calligraphy Masters??

Calligraphy Masters Instagram

Calligraphy Masters Instagram

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive on a daily basis is, ‘How do I get featured on Calligraphy Masters?’ There are no tricks to this it is a straightforward path. Below are something you need to know, understand and apply if you are serious about being featured. This is broken up into sections so you can find them easily, reread them and think them through at your leisure.

A little background – CM was built as a source of inspiration, knowledge, and calligraphic entertainment. The aim was to get posts in front of you which would surprise and motivate you to want to carefully practice your craft, to get better, and to be proud of the work you do. What CM was not developed for was to help you gain followers with little or no accuracy or for that matter, responsibility to the craft.

CM Feed

Featured on Calligraphy Masters


Ask yourself ‘what is the reason you want to be featured on CM?’ Be honest with yourself. If your reason is to gain followers, this immediately puts you at odds with my intention. I know seeing others being featured seems to boost their following on many social media channels, but you need to consider how this might have happened, also consider what you might not be seen in the background of this post. Over the past seven years, I have had many inquiries from followers who wanted to be featured, most being new accounts, beginners, and long-term practitioners but the issue is the quality of the work is not sufficient enough to warrant a post on the CM feed. What you MUST remember is simply because someone is featured does not mean that post will generate traction and therein lies the headache, there really is no guarantee a windfall of likes will follow, nor might there be a boost in followers but more importantly, a poorly performing post will negatively impact on CM and its engagement.

Invariably, when a post does well, it is because of the skill of the artisan executing the work which drives the likes and this may result in a boon of followers but it is about the craftsmanship employed in the post. It is not magic. It is these skilled practitioners I do not hear from, asking me to feature them, because they are not thinking about the fame, the likes, and the followers, they are doing it for the craft, for their love of the craft. Asking for your work to be shared, to be liked, or to follow you is usually done for all the wrong reasons, for the hype and fame and not for the art. These signs are easy to spot and instantly make what you are asking distasteful.

Please understand, I am not saying this to be hurtful, but I feel I need to be both blunt and honest. How conscious are you of the accuracy of your work, of the skill level you are at? If you are producing work for the love of it because you want to learn, to get better, to share the craft, and to help others, the followers will come, it may take some time but it will happen, you just have to be patient. Equally, there are many highly skilled craftsmen who deserve a bigger audience and they don’t seek to be featured, why not suggest them, instead of pushing yourself forward? I do not know everyone, and I cannot be aware of all the work out there, but I would LOVE to help those talented artists. Think about how their work would influence and benefit others.

A great way to build your connection with CM and help me to get to know you and also to really concentrate on improving your work is to get involved with our challenges at Calligraphy Masters Challenges.

Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Calligraphy Masters Challenges


So, how do you actually get featured?

The easiest way to get featured is by simply using the CM hashtags – #CalligraphyMasters #KeepWriting There is also a specially dedicated hashtag to those of you trying to get featured #CalligraphyMastersShowroom

Tag @calligraphymasters in your posts and your stories, be consistent, be patient. I say, ‘be patient’ but there have been times people have rigorously followed the above, they post daily and tag CM daily, and I must confess that it has frustrated me seeing their posts daily, but then I think ‘I told them to be patient, so I need to be patient too’ and over time I watch the consistent posting and I can see them gradually improving. This for me is one of the great joys, to see you getting better, this then allows me to feature your work, not because of your patience in waiting but your patience in improving.

Turn ON posts and story notifications for CM. Engage with the page, share the work on your feed or in your stories, comment on the posts. Commenting on posts will always get my attention, especially if your comments provide information on the post and help others. You will find that it will also gain your followers as you will be engaging with the community.

Your SKILL LEVEL is the key to getting featured. Look at your work, I meant REALLY LOOK AT IT. What is lacking in the work? Why is it not better? Are you aware of how to get better? How to improve the work? What is your level of accuracy like? Is the work consistent? This is up to you, it is your responsibility to produce work to be proud of, beautiful accurate work. The only way to do this is with care and patience.

And of course, it is a huge plus if you create content exclusively for being featured! Original content, rather than a repost from another site, or from another artist, will always grab my attention. I have some additional information on creating original content which I will be sharing soon.

ON the matter of hashtags, think about what you are doing. Personally, I will never feature someone who has a huge list of hashtags tagging over 10 influencer pages. This shows they are seeking ONLY to get featured, and it doesn’t matter by whom, it is not about the craft, it is about the fame. If you choose to tag CM because that is where you want to be featured, then only tag CM. It is this kind of loyalty I will repay.


DO NOT email your work stating ‘please share my video’ or ‘please feature me’, it will only anger me and ensure your work will not be featured.

DO NOT email your work without much as a ‘Hi my name is…, how are you today?’ This only shows you are taking me, as a person, for granted.

DO NOT email your work without a reasonable email stating your name, who you are, what the attached project is, and what tools and materials you have used.

DO NOT ask in ANY of the comment section on ANY CM feeds on being featured.

Under no circumstance should you contact my personal IG, Milen1st, to ask me to look at your work, to like it, give feedback, feature it, or share it. Milen1st is my personal account, as an artist, it is my personal expression page, only a person who has no respect for me will do this. Be aware this not only applies to my personal feed but to other members of the CM Crew. Contacting team members on their social channels and leaving messages on their feed asking to be featured on CM is not proper etiquette, it shows a real lack of respect. This behavior will ensure you are never featured on CM.


Yeah! You are finally upon CM, congratulations, but it doesn’t stop there! Once your post is featured it now becomes your responsibility to check on the post, comment, to at least say thank you, and most importantly, ANSWER any questions which arise from the post. It is important to interact with the followers and help clear up any confusion so they might be able to attempt what is shown in your post. This is key to your post as it will generate followers for you. Traffic to and on the post shows the algorithm why it needs to ensure your post gets air time.


This information is for being featured on the CM Instagram and the CM Facebook channels. It may lead to you being featured on YouTube as well, but there are different rules for that which I will publish shortly.

As CM grows, I will need to adapt, alter and add to the rules on how to get featured so please check back, intermittently, on this article.

I hope this article helps further your understanding of how to proceed with getting featured here on CM. Please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comments below.

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