Keep Writing Calligraphy Masters Challenges

Keep Writing Calligraphy Masters Challenges

The Recent Challenge – an Alphabet

Our most recent Calligraphy Masters Challenge was to write an alphabet out, A – Z plus the numbers 0 to 9. The idea behind this was to then choose a set of letters from what you all did so we could collate and make a print like the Calligraphy Masters Crew Alphabet Print. This recent challenge ended at the end of October. Unfortunately, there were not as many entries as I had hoped, and personally, I felt there was a distinct lack of dedication especially as it was a straightforward challenge and the rewards were pretty cool, in my opinion.

As there weren’t that many entries, it meant we fell short of the required number of submissions to choose letters from in order to make the print. Congratulations to the 3 people who completed the challenge. As there weren’t enough participants, collating an alphabet is now not possible but I have decided to release individual prints of the alphabets which were completed. As an extra reward, one of these entrants was invited to join the Calligraphy Masters Crew.

Calligraphy Masters Challenges Alphabet Challenge

Calligraphy Masters Challenges Alphabet Challenge by CRETALYST

Recent Posts and the Volunteers

You might have probably realized differences and variations in the approach of the posts for the Calligraphy Masters Challenges. Please note, the Challenges page is run, for the most part by volunteers, allowing me a little more freedom to complete things like the Calligraphy Masters content for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook as well as working on the NibsThePodcast recordings. Some of you have messaged me to complain that you feel the quality is too variable. Remember the CMChallenge is run by VOLUNTEERS, so before you complain, be grateful the volunteers are helping you to continue to enjoy your craft. If you really have a problem with the look, feel and sense of the posts, then why not do something about it and join the volunteering team so you can have an active hand in how to make the post more enjoyable for you. Equally, in order to make the posts exciting, we need more entries as they comprise much of the content. So if you can’t find the time to volunteer, then contribute by making more entries.

Upcoming Challenge

Due to the shortage of entries in the recent CMChallenge for the Alphabet, I had to rethink the direction and duration of the future challenges. My initial plans were more long-term but after the lack of entries, I feel doing them on a 2week challenge might be a better idea.

November Challenge

Keep Writing #KeepWriting

Keep Writing by FRAKONE

The prompt for these 2 weeks is ‘Keep Writing’.

You need to write ‘Keep Writing’ in as many styles. Go totally crazy about it! It could be a simple, clean ‘Keep Writing’, or it could be also super arty funky patterned or an abstract ‘Keep Writing’.

To enter the challenge:

  • Write the prompt ‘Keep Writing’ I recommended writing in black only
  • Upload with the hashtags #CMCKWC and #keepwriting
  • Tag @calligraphymasterschallenges & @calligraphymasters
  • You can upload up to 14 entries in those 2 weeks (1 per day)
  • If you upload more than 1 entry for the 2 weeks, make sure it’s totally different from your previous entry.
  • Give your best! Don’t enter just for the sake of taking part in the challenge (practice, prepare, experiment, and then upload entries)
  • There will be 10 winners only!
  • First place will receive money 100 euro
  • The top 10 entries will receive Keep Writing Mask
  • The top 10 entries will be used for prints and merch
  • Upload your entries from 09.11.21 until 23.11.21

Depending on the number of entries, I will take 1 to 3 days to decide on the winners. All-Winners will be announced on 27.11.21 in a @calligraphymasterschallenges Story.

What is different

Many of you have taken part in putting pen to paper for ‘Keep Writing’ as part of the Callivember Challenges, this time it is different and is definitely going to be much more special, so you need to help me make it so much more than how we approached this before. Once you produce the artwork, please save it and keep it safe. In the event you win, you will need to vectorize or at the very least scan the original artwork to send to me, this is part of why this is different and special. Please do not upload old entries.

Why we do the Challenges

We set the challenges up for fun, to help to write more, and to encourage those of you who need a little nudge to make a post. All of this really has one aim, and that is to help you to improve. Improving via the challenge is all about self-critique. The challenges are not there for us to give you feedback on what you post. This is not that type of challenge. PAScribe has a challenge like where people get detailed feedback, and it is brutally honest but requires you to post a long block of text and talk about it yourself outlining the issues you thought you faced. Here you are only posting an image. Do not equate what others do to what this is. Feedback is not something we offer on our challenges, so please stop asking for this and then sending angry messages when you do not get the feedback you are demanding. THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF CHALLENGE! If you persist in your aggression, CM will have to block your account. If in doubt, go back and reread the basic rules which can be found here



The final decisions

Calligraphy Masters is my baby, as it is the Calligraphy Masters Challenges. That means I have to do the work to come up with the ideas, then once they are up, I have to look at all the entries and make decisions on who the winners are. Consequently, my decision is mine and it is usually based on my personal choices. If you do not agree with my decision, then I would suggest you do not take part in the challenges.

PAScribe Rhodia Pad GIVEAWAY

Calligraphy Masters is running a giveaway. PAScribe asked Rhodia to give us 15 pairs of his Black Pad and his Grey Pad as a set for the giveaway. This means more people have a higher chance of winning a pair of these excellent pads. The Giveaway can be found at …… and finishes on 14.11.2021 Winners will be announced via an IG Story @calligraphymasters and have 48hrs to claim their prize. Good luck!


Thank You

I hope this clears up any confusion in going forward on the challenges. With that said I hope you are ready to blow my mind and make some amazing entries to shock and inspire the world! #KeepWriting







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